Salvage Ferrari


The dream of owning a classic Ferrari has always driven the imagination of everyone around the point of insanity. But it is the salvage selling point of this beast which has managed to capture the attention of many buyers. Salvaged Ferrari’s have become one of the most affordable ways to own this dream car, coming in as a cheaper alternative to buying the real thing, which has given many people an actual ray of hope of owning one. With sales revenue of more than $1.6 million generated in the last year from these salvage’s, it is very important to take a closer look as to how well does it match up to the real deal.

Owning a Salvage

If you are on the lookout to own a salvage Ferrari of your own, then the best place to start looking would be at a junk yard close to you. Most times due to the expense involved in repairing these damaged beauties, reclamation can often become extremely expensive, costing more than 25% of the car’s value. Which is why people prefer selling these cars to the local junkyard where these cars would be stripped, melted and sold individually for its parts and metal value. If you can match the asked price for the wrecked car, then you would have a higher chance of going home with a salvage of your own. You can also search the internet and local garages for salvage’s, as many times people who have managed to beat up their Ferrari’s beyond repair are often looking forward to get rid of their cars for an added profit apart from what they have made from the insured amount.

Costs Involved

The first cost involved in owning a salvage is actually buying it from a valid source which can cost you anywhere between $4000 – $12,000. After you have purchased your preferred salvage Ferrari the next step would be to calculate the cost involved in fixing the chassis which could cost you another $2000, as until unless you have managed to fix your chassis all the other steps would be useless. You can easily substitute the body with any other material like aluminium or carbon fiber as you deem fit according to your budget, but you can also opt for the complete body kits which can be easily bought for an added $3000. The next step would be to repair and restore the engine and other parts of machinery, then the price could easily range from $8,000 – $20,000. If you are already churning up the calculator about the costs involved, then it is always worth knowing that the original Ferrari can cost anywhere from $300,000 to $1,000,000.


Owning a salvage Ferrari has really come with its own set of pro’s which can seduce any and every car lover. The pros are :

– Costs only one fifth of the actual price.
– Can be repaired easily
– Looks like the actual thing
– Feel’s and Behaves like an Actual Ferrari
– Ability to make multiple modifications without too much risk


No matter how tempting as it may sound to own a Salvage Ferrari,  a few cons should always be considered:

– Tough time getting insurance, as companies do not value them as much as the real car
– Frequent repairs and chances of breakdown
– Need to fine tune constantly

Armed with all the important information required, we hope that you have one of the best times in finding and owning a Salvage Ferarri of your very own.

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