Rolls Royce Auctions

A Rolls Royce car auction is a car auction that deals primarily with the selling and buying of Rolls Royce cars. Rolls Royce Motor Cars are some of most expensive and distinguished cars on the modern market. The Rolls Royce Motor Cars Limited company has produced three modern cars since being bought by BMW in 2003. Their most famous is the Rolls Royce Phantom, a four door sedan. The company has also put out the Ghost in 2010 and the Wraith in 2013. Prior to 2003, the Rolls Royce Limited company had put out many models of the Ghost, Wraith and Phantom in addition to other cars, starting with their Silver Ghost in 1907. While these beautiful cars were once very common, it is not as easy to find these models in modern society.Rolls Royce Salvage

One of the best ways to purchase a Rolls Royce car in modern times is at a Rolls Royce car auction. These auctions are mostly digital. Websites like Hemmings and CarsForSale allow users to bid on Rolls Royce cars in their price range and in their area. But this does not mean that actual car auctions cannot be found. The Hemmings website mentioned before has an excellent compiled list of car auctions that usually have Rolls Royce cars, located the Hemmings Auction Showroom. Here, one can look for a car auction in their area and see how many and which Rolls Royce vehicles will be auctioned. Classic Cars also has an Auction Central which can be used to find high quality auctions in local areas. There are pros and cons associated with these auctions, however. While it is great to be able to see and interact with the Rolls Royce you plan to buy, online auctions tend to be much easier than physical auctions. Physical auctions are also not easy to come by. Often, one will have to drive very far or even wait an extremely long time for a Rolls Royce car auction to happen in their area. This makes online auctions seem very appealing. Rolls Royce cars themselves have the pro of the high status reputation that they carry.

Rolls Royce cars, whether old fashioned models or more modern models, are associated with wealthy upper class people. But this pro of high status comes with the con of high price. A significant con of a Rolls Royce car is their cost. Old fashioned Rolls Royce cars can cost anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. A modern Rolls Royce Ghost costs around three hundred thousand dollars, whereas the Phantom can cost around five hundred thousand dollars. These prices vary significantly based on your location. The prices also differ based on whether the Rolls Royce car being purchased is new or used. A used Rolls Royce car can be much cheaper than a new Rolls Royce. These are very expensive prices compared to other car manufacturers, but this price is worth it to many buyers who want the high quality cars that Rolls Royce Motor Cars produces and high status that is associated with it.

July 12, 2014


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