Range Rover Salvage

A range rover is one of the most prestigious cars in today’s market. It’s a luxury 4 wheel drive SUV from land rover that has amazing off-road prowess and civil design for a business class person. It’s a 5 seater, 2 door utility car with a 5.0 liter capacity. It produces a 357 to 510 horse power and 357 to 461 pound-feet depending on the generation and it has a manual shift control while it was originally made to cruise rough terrain, BMW changed it to have a fully independent suspension that helps it to cruise in the smooth pavement comfortably. It’s stylish, elegant and can only be afforded by the rich which means it has retained its appeal through its third generation. However, there is hope to the rest of us with the Range Rover SRange Rover Salvagealvage.

What is a salvaged car?

The salvage title means that the vehicle has been declared damaged and paid off by the insurance company. Different states differ on when a car should be declared salvaged. In Canada, stolen cars are deemed salvaged after 21 days of not being found or if they are vandalized but most states consider only damaged cars. However, most salvaged cars are easily repairable and sold at a much cheaper price. Once the car has been rebuilt it can sell for 25 %less than market value if it passes inspection or it can be title washed which puts its value very low. Sourcing for range rover salvage is therefore the best way to acquire it at a cheaper price.

Where and How to Source a Range Rover Salvage

· The easiest way to get a salvaged range rover is through the internet. Searching the car you want online is cheap and convenient. There are many sites that source second hand and salvaged vehicles from Japan and America. Once you find a reputable import agent, they will assist you get the range rover you want and also assist in inspection, clearance, shipping, customization and registration.

· Another way to buy a salvaged range rover is to visit a junk yard around your city. Most salvaged cars are taken to junk yards for disposal but the mechanics repair them and sell them at a cheap price.

· Car dealer or brokers are available in almost every city and they can hook you up with a second hand range rover because they know where to get them more easily than you would.

· Most banks don’t finance salvaged cars but some do, it’s worth talking to them. Because a salvaged range rover is incredibly cheap, you can use your savings to buy one without finance from the bank.

· You can also take part in an auction. Luxury cars are usually auctioned and the highest bidder wins. Search for available auctions in your area and participate.

Advantages of Buying Range Rover Salvage

· It’s cheaper than one with a regular title. It’s great for a first car with a person who is on a budget.

· The car runs as good as new after repairs and great service.

· Gift. Luxury cars get the biggest value hit when they are salvaged but a range rover will remain prestigious so it can also be a great gift for your wife or son.

Disadvantages of Buying Salvaged Range Rover

· The car has a brand always, either salvaged, totaled-reconstructed or something and people don’t like cars with such a brand so selling it will be next to impossible. Banks also don’t finance salvaged cars.

· If you are lucky enough to find a buyer, you will sell it at a throw away price because of the title even if it’s in really good condition. Your best chance is to get a trade in.

· Insurance companies don’t insure a salvaged car.

· Range rovers even new ones are said to be the most unreliable vehicles around so a salvaged range rover could be more unreliable.

· It’s difficult to know the exact damage of the range rover and the seller will never truthfully disclose why the car was declared salvaged.

· Less safe. Most salvaged cars have no working air bags and some hidden parts that you can’t tell by looking and they are detrimental to your safety. Most repairs are done unsatisfactorily to save costs.

· Maintenance. Usually a new car is easy to maintain and consumes less fuel but an older especially reconstructed car will need a mechanic every too often. Maintenance of a range rover is rather costly.

There is however some things you can do first before you buy a salvaged range rover;

· Have your trusted mechanic check it out thoroughly to know if it’s been well repaired.

· Go and get a history report of the vehicle from Carfax or Autocheck to know why the car was salvaged. If its collision it can be repaired but water damage will never really be right.

· Consult your insurance company to know what rates they can give you if you buy it.

· Do a cost analysis of the price versus the maintenance cost down the line.

· Ask for receipts of repair parts and work plus a document showing the car has been re-salvaged.

· Prepare and know the process of inspecting, registering and certifying your salvaged range rover.

Costs Involved

A salvaged range rover is cheaper than a new one but there are some hidden costs apart from the selling price.

· First you need to hire a mechanic to inspect it.

· second you need to pay for registration and certification

· Third you pay for vehicle history in Carfax.

· Lastly you need to take it for service and buy some new things for it like tires.

A lot of people discourage buying a reconstructed car but it’s a pretty good bargain especially if you plan to stay with it for long. If the damage wasn’t water related it will still serve you as new with good repairs and no one will ever know the difference. A salvaged range rover could be just what you need to climb the social ladder and equalize the status at work. The performance of a salvage Range Rover is almost similar to a new one. You can get one of the salvaged vehicle at an affordable price which will save you a lot of money.


July 12, 2014


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